About Steve

I’m a 70-something guy who lives in Northern Arizona with my wife Nancy. My heart-home is in the mountains of Colorado and the tiny mountain town of Jamestown where we lived for nearly a quarter of a century. But alas, age and the challenges of mountain living made it impractical for us to remain there. Thankfully, my daughter Laura did a great job of capturing my time as a Jewish, Bronx-born, Colorado mountain man in her funny and endearing story below.

What else do you do you need to know about me? Probably nothing here. I’ll be revealing lots about me in my stories, the good, the bad, and the ugly. I’ll probably reveal much more than a normal sane person would but if I can entertain and/or engage you I say what the hell.

So I invite you to follow my stories by using SUBSCRIBE on this page. You’ll receive an email when a new story is added. But don’t worry about receiving too many emails. Writing from the heart and polishing the rough edges is a slow process.

Laura’s Story About Her Dad

The Knish Caper

I’m delighted to share The Knish Caper story with you by my deceased daughter Laura. It’s a story told with love and humor about my life in the Colorado mountains.

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