Cool Stuff

You may be thinking “Aha! This is where Steve makes money on this website, by selling stuff.” If you’re thinking that you’d be incorrect. It turns out that one of my pleasures in life is sharing things that I’ve discovered as being particularly useful or interesting or entertaining or thought provoking, etc. It’s not very often that I come across these things, but when I do it’s an exciting experience for me and I’m moved to share it. So from time-to-time, I’m going to share those discoveries.

“Cool stuff” has nothing to do with my memoir. Hey, it’s my website and I can do what I want. I’m adhering to memoir guru Mark David Gerson’s first rule for memoir writing: “There are no rules.” (See the Gratitudes page for more about Mark David.)

The following is an alphabetical list of cool stuff that will slowly grow over time. I invite you to explore it. By subscribing to my website you will be notified by email when I have a cool thing to share.

Here’s the Cool Stuff . . .