Confession: If I’ve given you the impression that I’m a master at expressing gratitude, well, I’m not. I don’t often express it. Shame on me. But I can’t and won’t hide the fact that l feel extreme gratitude for having these people in my life . . .

Author Mark David Gerson

I am grateful to Mark David who turned my desire to write a memoir into a practical reality. He has written nearly a billion fiction and non-fiction books (ok, maybe a slight exaggeration), and is my wife Nancy’s friend and writing coach. Through his book “From Memories to Memoir” (available here), I discovered a freeing, easy, and fun way to tap into my memories and write about them. I especially like his first rule of writing a memoir book: There are no rules. I really took that one to heart, and decided not to write a book. Instead, I created this website so I could share my stories as I write them rather than waiting for the day (that may never come) when my writing is done and a book published. Thank you, Mark David.

My Wife Nancy

I am grateful to Nancy who, for almost 40 years, has been my life partner, best friend, companion, care giver when needed, grounding force, supporter of just about every crazy idea I’ve ever had, and co-conspirator in many of those ideas. And thanks to her editing skills, she makes almost all my writing immeasurably better. I say “almost” because I foolishly put stuff out there—from a simple business letter to a story I’ve shared without asking her to edit. Thank you, Nancy.

My Son David

I am grateful to David for showing me that it’s possible to see challenging situations in life with humor, and to write about them. His sense of humor is impeccable and is one of the many things I love about him. Thank you, David, for that and so much more. I’ll keep it short here else I would be writing a book about him.

My Daughter Laura

I am grateful to Laura for her creativity and for being a writer model for me. By making writing part of her life, she awoke in me my desire to write my stories. Thank you, Laura, for that and for so much more. I’ll keep it short here else I would be writing a book about her.

My Cousin Joan

I am grateful to Joan, the person I have known the longest amongst the currently living. I have many happy memories of us growing up together with her being a year older than me. In recent years, she’s given me nothing but encouragement to write my stories while making me feel good by telling me how hard she laughed at some of them. If I could only have an audience of one, it would be Joan. Thank you, Joan.

My Friends Who Encourage Me to Write

I am grateful to many of my Facebook and offline friends who, through their 👍, 😃 and ❤️‍ emojis and written comments, give me encouragement to keep writing while making me feel good knowing that my stories could interest and even entertain people. Thank you, online and offline friends.