Use Your Pants Pocket to See Better

I have some vision issues and find myself increasingly relying on low-vision aids for reading. I’m really happy with the EasyPocket magnifier. It’s very slim and light weight and, as the name suggests, fits easily in a pocket. I use it all the time, much more than another device that costs nearly 10X more. Just slide it out of its case and it’s ready to use. Slide it out a little more and a light comes on to illuminate what you’re looking at. It currently costs $100 which seems like a lot for such a simple device. But the optics are excellent and it’s guaranteed for life. I tried a $20 imitator from Amazon and the magnification was poor, it was bulkier, and it fell completely apart in a month.

You can see the EasyPocket details on the Eschenbach website here. But they don’t sell directly to consumers Their top menu has a Where To Buy menu item. If you need this type of device, do yourself a favor and check out the EasyPocket.

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