Catastrophe averted!

Fortunately, this health catastrophe has not reoccurred since four years ago today.

Jamestown, Colorado
January 20, 2018

I had a genuine health scare this morning. I have some eye issues and my left eye, in particular, is in a sorry state of affairs so I certainly don’t want it to get worse. Anyway, I was at the Merc for breakfast and had my usual—scrambled eggs, whole wheat toast and a fruit bowl with banana and berries—while sitting at the big round townie table where I met some old friends and some folks I hadn’t met before. (The Merc/Jamestown Mercantile , by the way, is a great place to eat if you’re ever near Jamestown, CO.)

After eating and catching up on local gossip, everyone’s political opinions, movie reviews, and current health statuses, I finally unglued myself from the chair, paid up, and left.

As always I donned my sunglasses that always hang around my neck as I was about to exit into the bright Colorado sunlight. To my immediate horror the vision in my already sad left eye was nearly obliterated. Where there was once light there was now dark, and it was immediately clear that this was not your typical floaters. I could feel the panic rising. I looked up towards the sky and it was nearly gone. Was this the central vision loss I’ve feared?

Now in a full panic, I reflexively removed my sunglasses to rub my eye. All of sudden, light was restored. I looked down at the sunglasses in my hand and saw that a giant blueberry from breakfast had taken up residence on my left sunglass lens.

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